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Below you will find the video-tutorial you need to use the many features of BookyWay: From entering your center’s info into BookyWay, to creating the course schedule, and to notification functions, such as customizing the app, creating training schedules, and much more.

How to Add a Client with BookyWay

Create Classes and Activities

How to Create a Course with BookyWay

How to customize the Bulletin board inside the App BookyWay of your clients

How to send a push message to all your Clients with BookyWay

How to use Credits on activities with the same price with BookyWay

How to use Credits on activities with different prices

Manage multiple businesses using the same App BookyWay

How to add a Family Member

How To Correct a Published Class

How to cancel one or multiple classes

How to manually add a Client to a class

How to JOIN a LIVE Video Class with SKYPE / ZOOM / HANGOUTS

How to customize the App wallpaper – NEW FEATURE

How to extract the Attendance Report

How to manage the waiting list


How to Create a Media

How to convert a LIVE class into a Media

How to assign Instructors to a class

How to Create a Workout Card

How to create a personalized workout exercise uploading a new image