Can I modify an email address? What does it mean when a customer is in standby status?

Modifying an Email Address:
You are able to modify a client’s email address if it is marked as in “stand-by” status. This status indicates that the email could not successfully reach its destination due to issues such as incorrect email input or a recipient’s full mailbox, and it will be highlighted in purple under the “Stand-by” user list tab. In these cases, you can autonomously modify the email address without requiring assistance.

However, if the email address is correct and not in stand-by status (indicating successful delivery), it cannot be directly modified through the platform. For these instances, we support the need to update client email addresses.

To modify an email address that is not in stand-by please send a request to, including the client’s original email, name, surname, and the new email address. After verification, we will apply the changes for you.

Understanding Standby Status: A client is in “stand-by” status when their email address fails to receive our communications, possibly due to errors like an incorrect email address or a mailbox being full. Users in this status can be easily identified and managed thanks to their highlighted presence on the platform, allowing you to update the email address autonomously as needed.

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