Notifiche push


to keep informed all your members on activities / news / offers of your Health Club

Virtual bulletin board
Everything you write on the bulletin board of your home page will update the board in the member’s app in real time.

News expiration
Allows you to automatically delete past events, avoiding to remember deletion of old information manually.

Push notifications
You can send important news to all your members in real time. The push notification also appears when the app is off and the smartphone is on standby mode.

Automatic mailings sent by the system to the member
– Invitation to enter BookyWay with secure credentials
– Booking to a Class / Course by the administrator
– Multiple booking of a member to multiple classes by the administrator
– Automatic switch of a member from the waiting list to the class
– Elimination of a class due to lack of participants or other
– Private message to a group of participants of a specific class
– Registration of a family connection in the system (eg a child)
– Re-submission of the password in case of loss

Group mailing
– Cancellation of a class and notice to all participants
– Notification to all participants of a class regarding a particular information