reservation app


Booking system perfect for classes – activities – events or attendace time slots


Booking system to manage your activities:

Booking system with a straightforward interface allows you to rapidly structure the schedule of your classes, courses (with multiple classes), time slots, or any other activity via the reservation app (from a computer, tablet, or phone). The administrator can make several entries.
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“Credits” and in-app purchases

Our booking system is perfect for managing pre-purchased credit bundles that allow the booking of classes or activities. You can offer different credit packages for customers to choose from. The STRIPE account will process payments for direct deposit. Credits enable the booking of activities in the app.


Advanced booking system rules

Automatic management of registrations with blocking of registrations due to subscription expiration, medical certificate, or other customized dates or events. Weekly registration limits, also customizable per customer. “Multiple registrations” function to quickly register a user for multiple lessons/activities on the calendar. Absence management.

Media management and web video classes:

Subscribers can participate in the live broadcast by clicking on a JOIN button that hides the link, which integrates with all conferencing platforms—an encrypted platform for organizing and paying for recorded videos from your YouTube or Vimeo channel. Explore more.


Booking system with instructor function:

Instructors have a personal menu on the app, from which they can see the activities assigned to them and – at the administrator’s discretion – subscribers’ names and information.
The administrator can also download a detailed report to analyze all the activities of their instructors.

Waiting lists and unique enrollment limits:

Your customers can self-enroll on a waiting list using their reservation App and will be immediately registered and notified when seats become available. You can set weekly booking limitations or class visibility limits on your booking system.


Advanced reporting:

You can download hyper-detailed reports (past and future) on attendance at various activities, on the use of credits and on personal details. Analysis of the performance of classes and activities through a sophisticated graph that can be updated in real time over time slots and time periods.

Class / Course Sharing:

Directly from the reservation app, with a single tap, an administrator or user can share courses, lessons, or activities on their favorite social networks or send them via text message or email, including all the details and location.

Emotional photo classes and registered Various activities engaging photos and trademarked fitness courses imagestrademarks fitness

With over 300 photos categorized by category, photo input from the BookyWay gallery will be associated with each activity and displayed on the client’s booking App. To be used with classes, a unique fitness gallery featuring OFFICIAL images from over 40 registered brands, including ZUMBA and CURVES, is available in the app. See all of the activities that BookyWay can manage here.