How do I set class booking and unsubscription restrictions to manage attendance better?

In BookyWay, you can set a specific time frame for when clients can book a class using the “Book within” setting. For example, if you set “Book within” to 12 hours before the class starts, clients can only book the class up until 12 hours before it is scheduled to commence. So if the class is at 6 AM, clients must book before 6 PM the previous evening.

Clients can unsubscribe from a class within a set time frame using the “Unsubscribe within” setting. If you set “Unsubscribe within” to 24 hours before the class starts, clients have the flexibility to cancel their booking up to a full day before the class begins. For instance, for a class starting at 6 AM on a Thursday, clients can unsubscribe anytime before 6 AM on Wednesday.

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