Can I add placeholder clients during the trial period and update their details post-trial without incurring costs? 

No, you cannot add placeholder clients during the trial period with the intention of changing their contact information after the trial period. During the trial period, any clients you add should be actual individuals you intend to manage with our platform. This is because, after the trial period ends, the ability to modify key details such as names, surnames, and email addresses for the clients added is not permitted without incurring the standard fees associated with adding new clients.

The integrity of client data is crucial for the effective use of our platform. Placeholder or fictional client data intended to be changed post-trial bypasses the intended use of the trial period and our pricing structure. Each client added should reflect a real and direct need for service management within our system.

We encourage all users to utilize the trial period to explore and evaluate how our platform can best serve their genuine operational needs with actual client information. This approach ensures a fair and transparent experience for all users and maintains the integrity of our service.

BookyWay adopts a virtuous business model that focuses on expanding our brand, ensuring that your business costs only increase as your business grows. By choosing BookyWay, you are contributing to creating this ethical win-win model.

We understand that transparency and honesty are foundational to the trust between us and our users. Our pricing model is designed to be fair and affordable, aiming to support your needs without imposing unnecessary costs. Therefore, we expect our users to approach our platform with the same spirit of integrity.

It’s important to emphasize that attempting to circumvent trial period rules not only goes against the principles our service is built on but also undermines the spirit of cooperation and mutual support we strive to promote. We firmly believe in a model where our clients’ success translates directly into our success, and we are committed to keeping our prices accessible to reflect this commitment.

Opting for BookyWay aligns you with our collective pursuit of ethical and sustainable advancement.

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