Can I manage the booking of member’s children?

BookyWay facilitates the management of family members’ bookings under a single account. You can associate the names of family members to manage their bookings seamlessly. Only administrators can add a family member to an existing client. To add a family member to an existing client’s profile, ensure the client has an associated email. Then, simply select the client and click the “Add Family Member” button, where you will be prompted to enter the family member’s name and surname.

This functionality allows a member, from their app, to view and manage the bookings of their children or family members by switching between accounts (see picture below). To do this, simply click on the account button and choose the respective family member’s profile.

It’s important to note that individuals grouped as a family will share the same email address. This means that notifications related to bookings will be sent to the shared email address, ensuring that all relevant updates are conveniently received in one place, for both the main account holder and the family members linked to their account.

This feature is designed to make scheduling activities for your family members as effortless as possible, ensuring you stay organized and informed of all bookings.


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