What does a published / hidden course / class mean?

“Published” means that all members entered in the member database will see the course / class on their smartphone having the possibility to book. “Hidden” means that the course / class is created and visible on the calendar but not yet visible to members from their smartphone. Status management allows you to easily create all the courses / classes, having the possibility to check them and make any changes publishing them only when you know that the data is correct. Publishing or hiding a course / class is possible with the buttons available during editing. (see “Modifying a course / class”).
The status of the course / class is visible as information on the list of courses / classes (see “List of courses-classes”). On the calendar instead the status of a course / class can be deduced from the color with which the courses / classes are represented. In the timetable, a hidden course / class is always gray regardless of the color chosen in the creation phase.

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