PRIVACY DISCLAIMER of the BookyWay App for Android system


The sports center, the personal trainer, the company, the association or the private individual, now defined on this document as “cloud administrator,” who wants to use BookyWay, must create an account from website; in doing so, it will be able to obtain for its customers, who request it, the access data for the use of the BookyWay application. The customers of the cloud administrator will receive the access data by e-mail.


If you are the administrator of a cloud bookyway or in any case you have created an account on the website CLICK HERE for any information on the use of your personal data.

If, on the other hand, you have received the access data for the BookyWay application through the cloud administrator, we inform you that the gymtrainer srl company, as the owner of the intellectual property rights on BookyWay, has been expressly named “Data Processor” of your personal data by the cloud administrator, the moment the cloud administrator created his account. The cloud administrator remains the sole owner of the processing of your personal data as such, transmits to gymtrainer srl only the data necessary to create your account (name, surname, email, and date of birth), with the exclusive purpose of allowing you to use the BookyWay application. gymtrainer srl uses your data exclusively to send you your credentials via email and to send you, by the administrator of your sports center, emails regarding all activities strictly functional to the use of the system, such for example only: your enrollment in courses or the passage from a waiting list (to which you signed up) to the class, when places are vacated, etc … with the express exclusion of their use for marketing or profiling purposes.

To delete the BookyWay account, which you access through this app, contact the cloud administrator who created it (visible on the app home page after logging in with the credentials provided by the cloud administrator).

Calendar permission

Used to access the calendar function on the User’s device, it allows you to read, add and remove the related contents.</p> <br>

Push Notifications:

This application can send push notifications to the User if the User has accepted this function, which can still be removed by the User at any time from the Application settings visible in the settings of their smartphone.

To view the act of appointment as manager of Gymtrainer srl, read art. 9 of the conditions of use CLICKING HERE