You will find the date and time of the maintenance, highlighted, on the home page of your administration dashboard

Impacted Services: Your administration page and the App used by your clients.

Dear customer,
like your car or your home, BookyWay also sometimes requires exceptional maintenance 🙂

What is exceptional maintenance?

Exceptional maintenance is work that we need to perform by temporarily disabling your use of the administration platform.

For this reason, we always try to schedule them on days and at times when there are few users connected, but since BookyWay is an international platform used across all longitudes, there won’t be an absolutely best time (such as at night) for all customers.

Therefore, we will try to minimize these waiting times as much as possible.

What happens during exceptional maintenance?

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access your administration page and if you try to enter, you will receive a message “The service is under maintenance”, and if you try to use the app, you will receive a message “Sorry, the application tried to contact the server…”

At the end of the maintenance (which will probably be before the end time we have declared, as we obviously take margins), everything will return exactly as before…

How long does exceptional maintenance last?

It depends on the type of maintenance. We will take care to inform you very clearly about its duration.

How do I know when there will be exceptional maintenance?

Consider that it is called “exceptional” precisely because it does not happen frequently. In any case, we will always notify you with a minimum notice of 7 days through a special message that will appear on the home page of your administration page, both from a PC/Mac and from a phone. You probably arrived at this page from there.

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For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us (support.en@bookyway.com)

Thank you and good work.