Credits are not being deducted from customer bookings – or – the credit counts do not add up.

If credits are not being deducted, it means that you have not assigned a credit value to those specific activities. Or you have set some users to have “unlimited credits”.

You can verify this yourself independently because, purposely, we provide you with hyper-detailed reports that you can find both in the credit section of the individual user and in the report menu with a downloadable file in Excel.

The data specifically includes:

  • The hour, minutes, and day of the lesson for which the booking was made
  • The name of the lesson
  • The credit value of the lesson
  • The hour, minutes, and days of the booking
  • Whether the booking was made by the user or the administrator.

As you can see, just by looking at this report, you can understand in extreme detail everything that happened… everything is therefore verifiable, and we invite you to analyze the situations you are in doubt about.

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