Why are there available slots in a class but clients remain on the waiting list?

If clients are not moved from the waiting list to booked slots despite availability, here are the key reasons to consider:

  • Automation Setting: Check if the “waiting list automation” is actively set to “on”. If this setting is turned off, the system will not automatically move clients from the waiting list to available slots.
  • Manual Intervention: Administrators have the ability to manually remove participants from a class. If an Administrator manually remove a client from the booking list, the system does not automatically fill the empty slot. It gives the administrators the flexibility to manage bookings based on specific needs or priorities, rather than strictly following the waiting list order.
  • Eligibility Requirements: The client on the waiting list might not currently meet the necessary conditions to join the class, such as having enough credits or a valid membership at the time the slot becomes available.

Clients automatically receive a notification email when they are moved from the waiting list to a confirmed booking. No additional confirmation from the client is required to complete this transition.

This approach ensures that all parties are aware of the automated processes and manual interventions that can affect class bookings and waiting list statuses.

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