Frequently asked questions about workout cards

How much do I have to pay for each workout card created for a member?

Nothing. Payment is only for each new Member entered and not for the cards he uses or that are created.

Can I add workout templates?

Sure! Entering “Workout” – “Modify Configuration” you can create workout templates that you can use whenever you want for your members.

Can I change existing muscle groups?

On the exercises present in the gallery you can change the names and the belonging to the muscular group. However the image cannot be changed.

Can I create new exercises?

Yes, by entering “Workout” – “Modify Configuration” you can create new muscle groups where you can insert new exercises with photos on your computer. If you carry out the operation from a tablet you can also take photos to assign to exercises. You can also add new exercises to existing muscle groups.
You will find the new muscle groups, entering the creation or modification of a card at the bottom of the list of muscle groups located on the left in the purple fields.

How many workout cards can I make for each member?

You can make up to eight workout cards per member. To make more new cards per member, You will have to delete old cards.

How can I split the card over several days?

If you want to insert the workout of several days in a single card you can create the “separations” of the days between a series of exercises and the other, creating (through the procedure to create new exercises) the exercises that you will call for example “Monday”, “Tuesday” etc. saving them in a new folder where instead of the name of the new muscle group you will write “week”. This way you will be able to insert the various days between a series of exercises and the other.