What are “credits” of classes?

It is possible to associate to each class a number / value of credits of your choice. The member will only be able to book in the classes “with credits” if he has enough credits. Credits are uploaded by the administrator to the member (from his profile in the member database), and a history of the credits entered and used will remain.
We always recommend to match the value of credits to the EURO value of the class. Ex: if the yoga class costs 12 EUROS, I will set 12 credits. Upon booking, the credits of that class will be deducted from the member. However, the credits of the member will not be deducted if he is on the waiting list, but, possibly, only at the moment of the participation to the class when places are available.
By deactivating the “credits” function on a member’s database, only that member will be able to unlimitedly sign up for all classes with credits (a function designed, for example, to manage those with a “full” subscription that allows them to sign up for all classes).

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