Frequently asked questions about courses, classes and activities

What is the difference between Classes and Courses?

Classes and Courses are conceptually different. A Course consists of a fixed number of classes that are usually repeated the same days of the week and booking the Course means participation in each class. An example can be a 10 classes Yoga Course that takes place on Tuesday at 18:00 and on Thursday at 19:30 with a start in November at a total cost of 120 EURO. A Class instead is extemporaneous and therefore is performed once and usually the member pays each time. In a sports center a typical example is spinning, where classes are also held every day or even several times a day but the booking is related to each class.

What is an “open” Class or Course?

By activating this option, the Class or Course does not require booking through the app where you will have a simple overview. There will therefore be neither the number of places available nor the number of hours within which it is possible to unsubscribe. It is suggested to use it for those Classes or Courses that are open to all members and do not require booking.

What are Classes / Courses bookable only by the administrator?

This function allows your member to view the Classes / Course on the app but in order to book he/she will be invited to call the sports center. It is a function designed in those cases where the member cannot book independently because the administrator must verify that there are sufficient requirements, such as an advanced swimming course of a member who has only the basics of aquaticity.

What are the number of hours within it is possible to cancel each booking?

It corresponds to how long before the starting time of the Class or a Course a member can cancel the booking. For example, by setting the value to 4, for a Course whose first class begins on January 10th at 8:00 pm, a member who has enrolled in the Course can cancel the booking before 4:00 pm on January 10th. At 4:01 pm you will not be able to cancel it. This mechanism is necessary to protect the owner of the fitness center, avoding members from canceling bookings at the last minute, preventing therefore other members to book the free place.

What are the number of hours within it is possible to book?

It corresponds to how long before the starting time of the class or a Course a member will be able to make his own booking. For example, setting the value to 1 hour and 30 minutes, for a class that starts on January 20th at 6:00 pm, a member can book by 4.30 pm on January 20th.

What is the visibility limit?

Thanks to this function I can create the Course timetable for the whole season but making sure that my member can see and book through the app only for a certain period of time. Example: Setting the visibility limit to 8, the member from the app will only see the next 8 days; so if now it’s 4.30pm on Monday 10th January and I set the visibility limit to 8, the member from the app will see all the Classes / Courses from now until 4.30pm on Tuesday 18th January.

What are “credits” of classes?

It is possible to associate to each class a number / value of credits of your choice. The member will only be able to book in the classes “with credits” if he has enough credits. Credits are uploaded by the administrator to the member (from his profile in the member database), and a history of the credits entered and used will remain.
We always recommend to match the value of credits to the EURO value of the class. Ex: if the yoga class costs 12 EUROS, I will set 12 credits. Upon booking, the credits of that class will be deducted from the member. However, the credits of the member will not be deducted if he is on the waiting list, but, possibly, only at the moment of the participation to the class when places are available.
By deactivating the “credits” function on a member’s database, only that member will be able to unlimitedly sign up for all classes with credits (a function designed, for example, to manage those with a “full” subscription that allows them to sign up for all classes).

Is it possible to change a Class or Course already started?

If there are no subscribers, you can delete them or make changes. If, on the other hand, members have already booked they cannot be canceled and the following fields cannot be changed: title, date and time, duration, price, limit of unsubscription, reduce the number of participants to a number lower than those already registered and transform in “open” a course with inscriptions and vice versa. Instead, you can change the following fields: description, instructor, photo, location and color and increase the number of subscribers.

What does a published / hidden course / class mean?

“Published” means that all members entered in the member database will see the course / class on their smartphone having the possibility to book. “Hidden” means that the course / class is created and visible on the calendar but not yet visible to members from their smartphone. Status management allows you to easily create all the courses / classes, having the possibility to check them and make any changes publishing them only when you know that the data is correct. Publishing or hiding a course / class is possible with the buttons available during editing. (see “Modifying a course / class”).
The status of the course / class is visible as information on the list of courses / classes (see “List of courses-classes”). On the calendar instead the status of a course / class can be deduced from the color with which the courses / classes are represented. In the timetable, a hidden course / class is always gray regardless of the color chosen in the creation phase.

Can I add or remove a member’s booking directly from the web?

Yes, from the booking page just click on the [x] next to the member (you will be asked to confirm with a message). To book a member, simply search among the members in the members database and then click on the + next to the member name.

Can I manage membership expiration date?

Yes. In the member information there is a field where you can enter the expiration date for memberships. If a member has an expired membership, he will see the courses / classes on the app but he will not be able to book and will be invited to contact the center which, if he wishes, can book it from the web page. 

Can I insert my image on a course / class?

No, you must use those in the BookyWay gallery. If there is not one of the images that fits your course / class, you can write to us at explaining your needs and perhaps attaching an example of an image you would like to have. We will look in our image bank for a photo that may fit your needs, and if you find it interesting, it will be inserted for free in the gallery, available to all BookyWay users.

If the member does not have a smartphone how can he book the classes?

The member can use the web application from a PC, Mac or tablet.

If a user unsubscribes from the gym and then returns do I have to pay a credit again?

No, if John Doe were to unsubscribe from my center and then subscribe later, he will not have to pay anything. The important thing is not to have eliminated his name from the registry. Even if that member had deleted the app, he would be able to download it again in the future and turn it back on with the same data.