Frequently asked questions about your BookyWay account

How much does BookyWay cost?

Registration is free and the system is already active immediately with all its functions.
During the first 30 days it is possible to insert ALL MEMBERS inside the database (with or without 
e-mail), without any limit, in a totally free way.
Even the app that downloads the member from the App store or Googleplay store is free.
Once the 30 days have passed, if you want to enter other members (with or without e-mail) you will pay only 1.50 euro (or 1.50$ or 1.50£), once in a lifetime, + VAT for each new name entered in the members database.
This means, for example, that by paying 1.50 euro (or 1.50$ or 1.50┬ú) for John Doe, you will be able to keep him informed about the classes, allowing him to always register through the app, without having to pay anything else in the future. You will also be able to make workout cards for him and share them through the app. If after 30 days you don’t enter other members, you won’t have to pay anything and you can continue using the service.

If a member unsubscribes from the health club and then returns do I have to pay a credit again?

No, if John Doe were to unsubscribe from my center and then subscribe later You will not have to pay anything.

If at the end of the 30 days trial I have not yet decided whether to use BookyWay I will be canceled the cloud and the members entered?

No, nothing will be deleted. The contract expires in the event of ascertained failure to use BookyWay for a period exceeding two years. If in the future you decide to use it again, you will still have all the features of the system completely free. Since there is no subscription, you will not pay anything in the period of inactivity.

How many members can I add to my Fitness Club?

There is no limit to the number of members that can be added.

If I mistakenly enter the same member a second time, will I have to pay again? 

No, the system prevents you from entering the same e-mail address twice.

How can I tell the members that they have been entered in my customer database?

At the time of creation, an e-mail will be sent to all member with their credentials and instructions necessary to access the application on the smartphone.

If the member does not have a smartphone how can he book the classes?

The member can use the web application from a PC, Mac or tablet.

Can I change a member’s email address?

Yes, you can change a member’s e-mail address; a credit will be deducted for the transaction. Instead, it is possible to modify an e-mail address free of charge only if it is incorrect (those colored in purple), ie if the invitation e-mail has not reached any recipient.

If a member does not have an e-mail address, how can he/she book the courses?

No problem. You can insert the member by checking the “no mail” checkbox. Obviously in this case you will have to manage his/her booking. You will also be able to make workout cards for him/her, however instead of seeing them from the app you will have to print them for him/her. If in the future an e-mail address will become available, you may enter it (in doing this after the trial period, a credit will be deducted).

Can I delete a member?

Yes, you can permanently delete a member from the member database by entering his profile, from the “Delete member” button. If not specifically requested by the member, we advise you not to do so because if the member returns to your health club then you should pay a credit to re-enter it.

The member has lost the invitation email with credentials, how can he retrieve them?

The member must access the home page from the smartphone app, click on “Recover password”, enter the e-mail address used during the registration and click on “Send”. Or you as an administrator can enter his profile and click on “re-forward invitation e-mail”.

Can I have someone else use the system as an administrator?

Sure. I can make “administrator” any name entered, by clicking the pencil symbol next to its name and then the “administrator options” button that appears on the right. At that point I can decide, by checking the “Manager” box, to let him manage only the classes and notifications on the bulletin board or, by ticking the “Personal Trainer” box, let him manage only the workout cards or, by ticking both, give him the possibility of managing the entire BookyWay system. At that point that person will be able to enter (as well as from the app) into the system from any computer with his email and his pw.

Is it possible to work with multiple administrators simultaneously on BookyWay?

Absolutely yes. Multiple administrators can work simultaneously from multiple computers from anywhere. The important thing is that they need and internet connection.

Can I manage the booking of member’s children?

Of course, it is possible to associate a family member name to manage their bookings. Even the member at that point will be able, from his app, to see and manage the booking of the children, passing from one account to another with a simple touch. 

If a member is already registered at BookyWay in another Gym?

No problem. When you register the member in your center, he/she will receive the invitation via e-mail and from the app the member can switch from one center to another with a simple “touch”.